Sunday, September 17, 2006

sop - yes! yes! yes!

Yes, I have just done up version 6.2 of my SOP. Showed it to my wife, and she liked it. To her, this must be it. Personally I am also quite satisfied with this version. Not only has it addressed various important issues but also presented them in the best way (yet).

There are a total of 14 versions, from ver. 1 to 6.2. Man, that's a lot. Anyway, I have started to adopt my SOP mastercopy to the requirements of the respective school. Quite a lot of work. Seems like I'm on my last mile in the application process.


Adu said...

Are you applying for MIS phd? I am preparing it too. But I must say your blog is inspiring, and your preparation process is far beyond mine. Good luck

dj said...

Yes, I'm applying for MIS phd. Don't worry, the application window has just opened in most schools.

Let's keep in touch.

adu said...

Do you have a MSN messenger? Mine is birddu(at) And maybe we can chat online occasionally.