Friday, August 17, 2007

States and state

I have been in the States for about 15 days now. My family is more or less settled... though we are still trying to do up the apartment and explore the places around. I have gone to the campus a few times - it is a pretty nice place.

Although the semester will only start in 2 weeks' time, but I'm in a state of feeling the pressure being turned up a notch. I have printed the readings for one of my seminar course (about 4 articles per week) - they add up to a few inches thick. I have also spoken to the academic advisor on the modules to take for Fall - I may be doing 4 modules (which according to a senior PhD student "is manageable but you must be prepared to work very hard"). Then there is the weather issue to tackle - I have heard that the winter (between December to April) here could be quite harsh.

Guess I will just take one step at a time and see what comes along. So the application is just a prelude... the show is really starting now.....