Thursday, September 07, 2006

moving along

I'm reworking on my SOP - again. ;p Not a major revamp; just trying out a new structure to present my story. I couldn't help it.... my brain and fingers were itchy.

Was just corresponding with a key recommender. Working with him to get my recommendation package completed. Basically he wanted me to customize the letters to the programs and schools that I am applying to. Not so much of the content, but more of the "courtesies". Quite a bit of work, but if this helps, it's worth it. So it seems like I should be receiving the 3rd set of LOR soon. I'm almost ready to send in my apps.

Speaking of apps, I've started filling up the online forms. Progressing quite well, although there are a few schools that have yet to open up the online application channels. Basically I'm left with my TOEFL score (which should be coming soon) and the customized SOP for the schools. And then there is the research paper. All these by Nov/Dec.... hmmm.

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