Friday, June 30, 2006

Useful Links

Contacting potential advisors (read this BEFORE you email potential advisers)
Overview of grad school application (suggest you read this ONE year before you apply)
How to apply to grad school (from a psychology student handbook, but appliable to other fields)
Getting in-thru-out

Business schools research ranking (based on pulications in top journals)
USNews business schools ranking (note: based on MBA, NOT PhD)
USNews best graduate business schools 2005 in IS (courtesy of GSU)
MIS journals ranking (
MIS journals ranking (

GradJournal (Databases of applications admit/rejects; discussion forum; bibliography tool)
BusinessWeek: thread on PhD in Business (covers a wide spectrum of stuffs. Started all the way from Oct 2002. Worth the time to read through the entire thread, consisting of more than 6,200 messages as of now)
PhD discussion forum in GMATClub
The Grad Cafe


Anonymous said...


Thank you guy. I really like these stuff. Ther are so cool. Hope you can make all your dreams come true.

Indian Blogger said...

Thanks for the useful links. All the best.

Anonymous said...


Though the links were posted 3 years ago, still I found them quite helpful, covering all the stages of PhD application process. Anyone cannot underestimate on how much time it took you to distil all the sources to that particular list. Thanks a lot and good luck with your studies!

With warmest regards from Russia.