Thursday, September 28, 2006

adding one more school to apply to

In an earlier posting, I said that I may not be applying to a school on my shortlist because it requires GRE. Well, the school now accepts GMAT as well. Hence I'm adding it to the list of schools that I will be applying to.

[Update (Mar 2, 2007): This school is Wharton.]

I'm really happy about this as it is one of my Tier-A schools. Not that I will surely get in there, and it is making my pockets lighter. Nevertheless, I'm glad that I can apply to it now than to wonder "what if" in the future.

Anyway, just to update my school list:

Based on the most recent USNews America's Best Graduate Schools (2007) ranking, the 8 schools that I am applying can be split into 4 groups:
  • (Group I) 3 in the Top 10
  • (Group II) 3 in the Top 11 - 20 range
  • (Group III) 1 in the Top 31 - 40 range
  • (Group IV) 1 outside the Top 49 (not sure if it is ranked)

Based on the USNews America's Best Graduate Schools 2005 Information Systems speciality ranking,
  • 7 in the Top 10
  • 1 outside the Top 20 (a Group I school)
I further divided these schools into 3 tiers,
  • Tier A: 2 Group I [MIT, Wharton], 2 Group II [NYU]
  • Tier B: 1 each from Group II, III and IV [UT @ Austin, U of Maryland, Georgia State University]
  • Tier C: 1 Group I [UCLA]
[Update: I have decided to dropped UCLA from the list. So I would only apply to 7 schools.]

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