Saturday, January 06, 2007

Conversation with Prof C

I reignited an email exchange that I have had with a prof (Prof C) from one of the school that I'm applying to. While I have sent my CV and research interest to Prof C earlier, I have not received any constructive feedback with regards to my application or interest. The email exchange has been courteous but lacks an in-depth discussion.

But the situtation changed after I emailed the Prof again yesterday. I decided to email Prof C again. I mentioned a specific paper that the Prof C has published and suggested how we could extend the approach. The next few emails that followed focus more on the suggestion. The tone was friendly and positive. Although Prof C still did not mention anything about my chances or application, nevertheless I'm much more encouraged.

Note to myself: This is the 50th post.

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Anonymous said...

Hello I randomly got to your blog. I am applying to PhD in BSchools too,and I have got NO replies from a few professors I have tried to contact. So I guess top school professors don't really bother reading those e-mails, especially mine titled "PhD applicant". Hehe.