Friday, January 12, 2007

application process - completed

Yes! I have sent out the very last application package (to a Tier B school). With this, I have completed my application process. A summary of what have been done, spent and achieved.

# of schools applied to: 7
First school applied on: Oct 4, 2006
Last school applied on: Jan 12, 2007

Financial damages

Amount spent: US$1,200+.
Inclusive of tests scores, application fees, postage charges, transcripts, and bank charges. Excluding prep materials (estimated to be around US$40), and value of time spent.

Statement of Purpose/Essays/Personal Statement
First SOP mastercopy draft: Jan 5, 2006
Last SOP mastercopy draft: Oct 14, 2006
Total duration: 9+ months

First customized essay draft: Aug 14, 2006
Last customized essay draft: Jan 12, 2007
Total duration: almost 5 months

Letters of Recommendation

First request made to recommender: July 28, 2006
First recommendation received: Aug 7, 2006
Last recommendation received: Nov 2, 2006

Faculty Contacts
# of faculty contacted: about 10
# of positive responses: 2
# of negative responses: 1
# of slient: about 7

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