Tuesday, November 28, 2006

what do I want for this Christmas?

Christmas is a day to remember Jesus Christ's first coming more than 2000 years ago. It represents God's gracious gift to mankind. Jesus - who is the Son of God - gave up his glory in heavens and came to earth in the form of a human babe (that's the first Christmas). In the later part of His time on earth, He ministered to the people and eventually suffered and died on the Cross for our sins (on Good Friday). But He rose up 3 days later (on Easter Sunday) and later ascended to heavens. Therefore, Christmas signifies the first step that Christ took for the redemption of our sins. And hence when we give and receive presents during Christmas, we are reminded of the Gift of Life that God gave to us.

So, what do I want for this Christmas? Well, I already have the best gift in life - the gift of salvation through Jesus Christ. I also have the 2nd best gift - a wonderful and lovely family with my wife and daughter. And I already have my 2 front teeth. So what do I want? What do I really want?

How about an early admit? From a Tier A school? Is this too much to ask for this Christmas?


Anonymous said...

Good luck on your applications! I am applying for Econ. PhD 2007/2008 myself.

dj said...

All the best to you too. Do let me know how it goes.