Thursday, August 31, 2006

what am I up to now?

I'm a bit busy lately with work and other assignments, hence I'm not flooring the application paddle now. However, I am still working on different aspects of my app.

My co-author and I are trying to repackage our research paper for another journal. It is not an "A" list, it is still quite a respectable publication. Hope to get the paper in, or at least into the review stage, so that I can mention it in my SOP. Hence I am targeting to complete it by end-Sept at the latest.

I am also talking to a faculty in one of my top choice school. The email exchange started well last week, until I shared my research interest and CV. It has been a week since I last emailed the faculty and I have not received a response. Is she busy? Out of town? Maybe she forwarded my email to her colleagues for their opinions? Or maybe she thinks that I cannot-make-it? Just sent a friendly note last night to check if my last email has been received.

In addition, I am waiting for my TOEFL score - it should come by next Friday. Hopefully it will be good enough. I will also meet up with my last recommender to pass him my recommendation package. More waiting games to play.

Come Oct, I will get back to my hardcore application mode again.

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