Wednesday, March 21, 2007

application status - facts and guesses

So far, I have officially received an admit (A-1), reject (Wharton), and waitlist (UT @ Austin).

I'm quite confident to say that I'm also waitlisted at NYU (A-3) and Maryland (B-2) school. Dings are likely as I think people accepted to these schools are likely to accept the offers.

That's left another 2 schools: MIT (A-4) and GSU (B-3). I think it is mostly likely a ding at MIT.

[Note: The A-1, A-2, etc refers to the Tier-Order of mentioned. It doesn't mean my ranking for the school. E.g. B-2 refers to the 2nd school in the Tier-B list that I have mentioned in this blog.]

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