Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Blessed Christmas!

Here wishing you a Blessed Christmas and Fruitful 2007!

I was hoping for one or two early admits from some schools for this Christmas. Well, I guess the ad comms are not reading my blog.... Anyway, I have just completed a new draft of the research paper that I'm working on with a prof. Hope to submit it for pub soon. I was a little busy lately these few months and have sort of taken my eyes off it. I'm really glad that I could sit down and work on it over the last few days. I look forward to it being published somewhere, although I don't think this will have any material impact on my applications for the PhD program.

I'm left with one last application. I'm targeting to send it out by 10 Jan before a holiday trip that I will be making with my wife and daughter. Good to have something to take my mind off the waiting....

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robbie1981 said...

I wish you and your family a merry Christmas! Enjoy your holiday trip!