Sunday, October 15, 2006

sit rep

Ok, it's time to give a situation report....

I have submitted 4 applications as of today: 3 to Tier A schools, and 1 to a Tier B school. I should be submitting another Tier B app this week. Actually I can also submit my app to my last Tier A school now, except that one of my recommenders is facing some problem with the online recommendation. I like to resolve that before I do the submission.

God willing, I should be able to send out 6 apps by end Oct (or mid-Nov at the latest). I will hold on to 2 other schools' app to maybe end Dec or early Jan, depending on whether I hear anything from the schools that I have already applied.

The last 2 to 3 weeks were mainly used to customize and refine the essays to the different schools. It is not really an easy task, and I'm glad that I started drafting my SOP and getting LORs, etc., early. Going forward, I have 3 other essays to work on - should be able to complete them by end Oct. Thereafter, I think (and hope) that I will be a free man....

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