Monday, July 24, 2006

the writing of my research paper

After more than a month, I have finally completed the main draft of the case study that I'm co-authoring with a Prof. For certain "bureaucratic" reasons and to ensure that we are politically-correct, we are sending it for comments before submitting it for review.

The whole process - which started in end March - is quite enriching. My main objective of co-authoring this paper is to get in touch with writing an academic paper. The last time I wrote an academic paper was about 5 years ago. Also, I hope to get one a good recommendation and maybe, just maybe, a publication to beef up my CV. At this point, I have gained the desired experience in writing. Not sure if the good recommendation and publication will come thru though.

After 4 months of ding-donging with the Prof and interviewees, reading up other papers and articles, drafting and redrafting, thinking and rethinking, staying up till 2 am, I can say:
1) Writing is a slow and long process. There are many things that go behind the writing. The thinking, the reading, the analyzing.

2) Writing sometimes frustrate you when you don't know what to write. How can I better articulate my thoughts and intentions? How can I cut down some words? What am I actually trying to say?

Do I enjoy the writing process? Does writing come second nature to me? Am I willing take up writing as a career? Will I be able to hit the publication quota? I don't know... really, I don't know.

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