Saturday, July 15, 2006

in my mailbox today

Received an application package in the mail from one school that I am sure I will be applying to. In fact, I have started to work on the application - requested for transcript, filled up the personal data forms, worked on one of the essays. The package consists of a nice classy folder with lots of details and the application materials and forms. Although most, if not all, of the info in the package is available at the school's website, it is still a nice surprise. Nice because the school is among my top choices. A surprise because I did not request for it. I wonder how the school knows of my interest... could it be from one of my emails to them (but I don't remember telling them my address)? Or maybe because I logged into their system previously (although I couldn't really recall doing so). And why did it send me the package? Because it WANTS me? That's would be nice, wouldn't it? Very nice, indeed.

I was in high spirit as I flipped through the package. Until I read that the school typically receives more than 1000 applications, and accepts between 20 to 25 students. That's between 2 to 2.5% acceptance rate.

2 thoughts came to my mind:
1. At US$75 application fee per application, the school collects a cool US$75,000 (at least) from the applicants per year. Not as lucractive as the MBA program, I'm sure, but still a nice business model.

2. I'm in for a challenge. A tough challenge.

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