Thursday, June 22, 2006

toefl - no idea

No idea why some of the schools need me to sit for a TOEFL. Doesn't my 15 years of education in English-based institutions in sunny Singapore count for anything?

No idea why I couldn't register for a TOEFL test-date at No available dates at all. Why have a website for people to register then? Why not post a notice to save applicants' time and efforts?

No idea why Thompson Prometric's South-East Asia office in KL did not response to my email enquiry on why I couldn't 't register for the TOEFL.

No idea why the call centre operator in KL replied "No idea" when I asked why I couldn't register. Or "No idea" when I asked when the system will be up. Or "No idea" to whom I can talk to to find out more. What an easy job for the call centre operator.

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