Friday, June 16, 2006

my journey partners

The previous posts basically capture the key milestones of my journey thus far, over the last 8 months. I did not journey alone. Alongside with me have been....

God - He opens doors for me and has been leading me all these while. As I look at this journey, I can see His presence with me at various key milestones . Clearing the GMAT, overcoming weaknesses, making connections with people. All these happened not by chance nor my might. And by faith, I believe that He will continue to lead me THERE, which currently I don't know is where.

My wife - Her love, support and understanding have been tremendous. Because of her, I could concentrate of various aspect of the application... GMAT, the thinking thru, etc. Also, our many discussions and conversations regarding "our" (it is not just mine alone) further studies provided different perspectives for my consideration. Her encouragements when I'm down and friendly-reminders when I'm too high up are very much appreciated. And since I know she will be reading this, I must say that the journey is exceptionally sweet because she is journeying with me :)

Profs - I have been receiving helpful advice from a "mentor" who is a senior Prof. Thru him, I learnt about how it is like doing a PhD, the insiders' news of various schools, etc. Another Prof gives me the chance to be his research assistant, to co-author a paper. He also candidly shared with me his experience and opinions, which are all very helpful.

Online "friends" - there are a few forums that I visit regularly to see and learn from the experiences of those who took or are taking similar journey. At least I know that they are people who are as crazy as me.

If you are in this same stage right now, I suggest you share your thoughts with someone close to you. Talk to Profs whom you know and seek their input. Visit online communities and learn from those who are or had been in the same boat. Most important of all, pray.

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