Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Paper accepted and published

The paper that I started working on in 2006, while I was applying to get into a PhD program, was accepted and published in a journal in Feb 2010. Not a top-tier journal, but it is still nice to finally have a closure.


m. said...

just blog-surfing and saw your title - thought i'd say congratulations! that's a great accomplishment!

Thu said...


lmrangeljr said...

hey i too was just blog-surfing and saw your post....first of all congratulations on the paper....and well just so you know i too want to get a PhD and am currently working on getting accepted to Graduate school.....well any way i like your whole blog and i really do admire you for putting all this out there not many people like to hear about others accomplishments especially on facebook. But, you are the type of person i have been looking for to share my stories of getting to my goals as well as the problems i deal with to get there. I cant wait to hear where you go from here hopefully you get to your goal. Good luck.