Friday, June 29, 2007

getting ready for school

It is getting exciting. In just about a month's time, I will be moving to a new place to start my PhD pursuit. In the meantime, I'm trying to do some prep works. Although my field of interest in IS, I have to select a reference track as the foundation of my research methodology. Since my interview in March, I have been debating with myself which research reference track to take - OB or Econs? Econs or OB? Even though my undergraduate background is in economics, it is somehow insufficient for me to do economics at a graduate level. (And I still remember how dry a subject econometrics was to me.) So I thought I would take the OB track and started to read up on OB stuff (e.g. ANOVA, etc).

Subsequently, however, there were some changes among the faculty in the department that I would be joining. And as I spoke to some current students and advisors, all fingers seem to point to economics. So few days ago, I bought the "bible" for microeconomic theory (by MWG). As I flipped through the first few pages, I can see the challenges that lie ahead... Now, I'm trying to brush up on calculus and see if I can learn anything about real analysis before school start. (And no, GMAT's maths/quant is really just for GMAT.)

Actually, I don't know if the econs department would even allow me to take econs as my reference track, much less if I can clear the econs requirements. I'm just going by faith, trusting that God will continue to lead me in this long journey.

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